Getting seen. Mixed Media will bring new traffic to your site through both Online Marketing and Guerilla Tactics.

Our proven successes have included Online Marketing Campaigns that have increased revenue for television, video and catalog products. The members of Mixed Media are the same industry leaders who developed the multi-million dollar Internet campaigns for Jerry Springer Too Hot for TV, the Fox television show COPS, Universal Television show Xena, and the Paramount show Real TV.

Ranking and keyword placement in search engines and directories provides traffic. We will evaluate your site and place keywords to help find your audience. We monitor search engine trends, which enables us to optimize special pages with the correct density of keywords to get your site to the top of the search engines and directories.

Mixed Media can help grab traffic from both traditional and online media through purchases and placement in print, television, radio and the web's most popular sites. We can design creatives and place them for the highest visibility. We can also help in both outbound telephone and email campaigns to bring people to your site. From our multiple marketing options, you can strategically place your site.

Is your site targeted to an international audience? Mixed Media can employ the same methods to develop and rank pages in many languages - Japanese, German, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish, which in turn; gives your page preferential ranking when a customer from that country searches for one of your keywords.

Mixed Media will help you to develop opt-in and opt-out methods of database capture and mining. From the intake form to the data management, Mixed Media will help you develop a relationship with your audience.

Mixed Media will help you broadcast to your audience and cultivate that audience by upsells in both content and product. Your customer list can be used to generate more customers or to generate revenue.

Email Marketing can scrub lists for user activity, demographics and interests for the placement of your message or advertisement.

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